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Jas CMS - Getting Started

Installing / Starting

To start to program you need a functioning java runtime environment (jre) (version 6 or greater). To verify your java installation, please visit

Extract the .zip- or .tar.gz-archive you have downloaded. You can start the program by double-clicking on the file JasCMS.jar (only if it is supported from your operating system). You can also start the programm from the command line with the command: "java -jar JasCMS.jar".

Usage Instructions

Usage instructions will be documented here. For know try out the functions of the Jas CMS Gui.

- Create a project at first (or open the project config file if you have created it already)
- Administrate pages / administrate blocks / menus
- Generate the output
- Upload output files using your favorite file transfer protocol

Creating a new project
- Fill out the fields "Site Name", "Site Slogan", "Author", "E-Mail". These fields will be used globally in templates, output and your content project.
- Please make sure that you choose a valid design which is placed in your chosen internal directory (internal/design). If you are not sure what you are doing, leave the default value as-is.
- Please choose the right place of internal directory (in your downloaded Jas CMS directory) so that Jas CMS can function properly.
- You should have write permissions for the following directories: "internal/content", "internal/structure/blocks", "output".

Opening an existing project
Please select the config file of your existing content project to manage it.

Administrating Pages
Please make sure that the page name does not contain any special characters & umlauts. It is the file name of your page.

Jas CMS does not contain a visual page content editor for now. We are already planning to integrate a WYSIWYG editor for an easier administration of pages.But you can use any online or offline external WYSIWYG editor and just paste the source code into page content area (e.g. CKEditor, elRTE, TinyMCE).

Administrating Blocks
- Please use the button "(Re-)Create Block" to create or recreate a block. It overwrites the existing block content.- To edit a block, please use the button "Edit Block (Raw)".- To manage menus, please use the button "Edit Menu". Please consider, that it depends on the design you are using how the menu management works.

Generating Output
Jas CMS allows you to control the time of generating the output. You don't need to generate the output everytime you change a block or a page.
After you have generated the output, you can upload the output files using your favorite file transfer protocol.

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